Any Picture Scramble - the puzzle

Product description

Any Picture Scramble - Turn your pictures into puzzlesVersion: 1.0.0
Filesize: 439KB
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Create and play scramble puzzles using your own pictures.

Any Picture Scramble lets you create and play scramble puzzles with your own pictures or photos. Create scramble puzzles using pictures of your loved ones, or your favorite scenery!

It's extremely easy to use, so start having fun now!

Summary of features

  • Use your own pictures in BMP, JPEG or PNG formats
  • Customize the number of tiles to split a picture
  • Record your time and moves to solve the puzzle
  • See original picture during a game


Sample scramble puzzle

  • A scramble puzzle game ready for play.
  • The picture depicts Neunschwanstein, a beautiful and fairylike castle in southern Germany.

Any Picture Scramble screenshot - sample scramble puzzle

New game

  • Create and customize your picture scramble puzzle.
  • Choose a picture or photo of your own.
  • Customize how to split the picture.

Any Picture Scramble screenshot - new game

Game in progress

  • Goal: move the tiles to their original places.
  • Click a tile to move it, or
  • Press one of the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Any Picture Scramble screenshot - game in progress